The landscape of of communication is changing rapidly and currently undergoing tremendous growth from ordering a pizza over a hotline to high tech radar on a jet, we see communications making wonders. The convergence of IT and communication technology promises innovative products and services that will revolutionize life and work. Communication engineers are much in demand since a nations hopes of development rests on their shoulders.

1st Year

  • Professional Communication
  • Applied Mathematics-I
  • Applied Physics
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Engineering Mechanics & Materials
  • Electrical Engineering-I
  • Electronic Components and Devices.
  • Technical Drawing
  • Elementary Workshop Practice.
  • Computer Application for Engineering

2nd Year

  • Applied Mathematics-II
  • Electrical Engineering-II
  • Industrial Electronics & Transducers
  • Network Filters & Transmission Lines.
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits
  • Principal of Communication Engineering
  • Principal of Digital Electronics
  • Electronics Workshop
  • Programming in C & C++

3rd Year

  • Industrial Management and?Entrepreneurship Development
  • Environmental Education?& Disaster Management
  • Communication System
  • Electronic Instruments and Measurement.
  • Audio and Video System
  • Television Engineering
  • Microprocessor and Application
  • Electronics Projects i. Problems ii. Field Exposure
  • Elective (any of the following) A. Modern Communication System B. Advance Microprocessor & Interface C. Bio Medical Electronics D. Microelectronics E. Microwave & Radar Engineering F. Electronic Equipment Testing G. Modern Consumer Electronics Application