The future of computing and IT systems begins here. The department’s mission is to advance, evolve and enhance computer science and computing engineering fundamentals to build the intellectual capital of research and student. The CSE Department and eavours to be an important regional, national and international resource center for the development of computing, IT systems and applications. This is a period of exciting growth and opportunity, propelled by the ranking it achieved recently.CSE programs also include core subjects of computer science such as theory of computation, design and analysis of algorithms, data structures and database systems. The program aims at designing, developing and troubleshooting computing devices and systems focusing the underlying fundamental issues in the most efficient and effective way. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science are also covered under these programs.

1st Year

  • Professional Communication
  • Applied Mathematics-I
  • Applied Physics
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Applied Engineering-I
  • Engineering Mechanics & Material
  • Component of Information Technology
  • Operating System
  • Fundamentals of Electronics Devices

2nd Year

  • Applied Mathematics-II
  • Programming In C & C++
  • Data Communication& Computer Network
  • Office Tools
  • Visual Basic
  • Microprocessor & Its Application
  • Computer Hardware & Maintenance
  • Electronics Instruments & Measurement

3rd Year

  • Industrial Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Development
  • Data Structure Using C & C++
  • Internet & Web Technology
  • Concept of RDBMS Using Oracle
  • Java Programming
  • MIS & System Analysis & Design
  • Computer Graphics
  • Environment Education & Disaster Management
  • Computer Projects i. Problems ii. Field Exposure iii. Seminar